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Play with H.E.A.R.T. Teams

Top of the Key offers the opportunity for athletes ages 11-17 to play in competitive regional AAU tournaments with team Play with Heart. 

Playing AAU basketball offers a wide range of benefits and our dedicated coaches are focused on developing great basketball players, caring teammates, and great human beings - on and off the court. 

Are you a parent or athlete new to competitive travel basketball? Below are some of the additional advantages of playing on an AAU with Play with HEART: 

Skill Development

AAU basketball provides exposure to a high level of competition and gives them access to experienced coaches who provide specialized training and feedback, helping them refine their techniques and basketball IQ.

Personal Growth

The rigorous practice and tournament schedule and commitment required for AAU basketball teaches players the importance of discipline, hard work, and time management in addition to helping them build resilience and the ability to handle pressure.

Teamwork and Social Skills

Being part of an AAU team fosters strong teamwork and communication skills and provides opportunities to form lasting friendships with teammates and peers from different backgrounds and regional areas.

Exposure to Diverse Playing Styles

Playing against teams from across Georgia and other states exposes athletes to diverse playing styles and strategies, enhancing their adaptability and understanding of the game. 

Physical Fitness

The active schedule ensures that players maintain high levels of physical fitness, improving their overall athleticism. Focused training helps players become more well-rounded athletes.

College Preparation

Balancing academics and basketball helps players develop time management skills crucial for college success and exposure to college-level play prepares athletes for the demands of collegiate basketball.

Networking Opportunities

In AAU, players can build valuable connections with coaches, trainers, recruiters, and other basketball professionals, which can be beneficial for future opportunities in the sport.

Join Our AAU Program

Interested in joining Top of the Key’s AAU program or talking to one of our coaches? Contact us here. 

Check out highlights of our AAU program on Instagram @PWHheart

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